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Title: Black Cock

The other day my wife had gone out and I took the oportunity to dress up and play. I was all dolled up in her mini, stockings, thong strappy heels with red toenails and a tight sweater. I had a few dildos out and I was working them into my mouth and ass, and I had forgotten that I had left the back door open. I looked up to see my older black neighbor there looking at me. He laughed and walked over as I tried to get up. He said stay on your knees bitch as he took out his big black cock. Soft it was about 8" and it was uncut. He rubbed it all over my lips and said suck it. I opened and he pushed it I till I gagged. He started fucking my mouth with it and before long he tensed up and came in my mouth. I swallowed most of it and noticed that he was still hard. He sat down and said that I was gonna ride his big dick. I took out the dildo from my ass and went over to him. My hands were shaking as I put them on his shoulders. I straddled his big dick which was now about 10", and felt the head hit my hole. It was so hot, and I felt the urge to sit down on it. I took about 15 minutes but I got it all up my ass, and I was trembling and panting. I began to bounce on it like a whore, and within 10 minutes, I came without even touching myself. After I came 2 times I almost passed out. I was shaking and he was laughing and he came a second time and filled my little sissy pussy with his baby making load. After he came, he pulled out and said now I own you bitch. You gonna take care of me every day. I can't wait to hear from him! Im hooked on him.

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