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Title: Hots For Friend's Wife

I have the hots for my friend's wife. She's in her late 20's, big tits and nice ass. All my friends tell me they would love to get into her pants. Last weekend they invited me to there house. I saw her working in the flower bed. She was wearing blue jeans shorts and I could see her red panties sticking out from the top of her shorts. Everytime I saw her, I kept thinking about what I saw. Later that evening, we all went swimming in their pool. I knew it was my chance to find her panty in their room. I saw her clothes on the floor and quickly started looking. I found her panties in her shorts. Her panty was so sexy (red sheer in the back and red lace in the front) I took them to the restroom and wrapped them around my dick and started jacking off. I put a little cum on the crouch. I then went and put her panty back into her shorts. After swimming, she went back into her room and put all her clothes back on. Everytime I think about it, my dick get's very hard

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