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Title: My Kinky Girlfriend

I am a 22 year old panty freak. My girlfriend whom I've have been going out with for a year now, I had no idea she was as kinky as I am. One night I told her how much I loved to smell her panties after she had been creaming in them. So I came right out and told her that I had been sniffing my stepsisters panties for a while now. She totally loved it. She then suggested that I go snag a pair of my youger stepsisters panties, she is a tall blonde haired slut. 18 yrs old smokin hot. So I went into the laundry room and snagged a pair, a black thong with a thin layer of custy pussy juice in them. So my better half began to lick the crotch out of my stepsisters panties, I was in heaven. She made me lick and sniff them and without hesitation and jerks me off into the thong, neddless to say I filled the panties up pretty quick, but when my girl started licking my jizz out of the thong, I was amazed, and we have enjoyed both stepsisters panties ever since

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