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Title: Shopping For Homes

I went on a raid this afternoon while out shopping for homes. The first stop was a beautiful house with 2 very nice surprises. 2 teen girls live there probably 13-15, I scored 3 pair there 2 were clean and they were from the older girl, I couldnt find any used ones at all so I took a pink victorias secret thong that had candy canes all over it and a pair of sheer baby blue string bikinis. Then it was off to the next stop the other bedroom were when i walked in the bathroom I saw the best thing ever her HAMPER..I quickly opened it up and there were 2 dirty thongs on top. So i snagged this cotton one that is blue flowers on it and off i went to the next house. Where I found that a super hot milf lived there, she was probably 26-29 so I went to her drawer and pulled out a pink victorias secret thong out and off I went home

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