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Title: First Time In Panties

After my divorce I dated a young, cute girl who was also very domineering. It turned out that she had been a lesbian. After she revealed this to me I confessed that I had a feminine side and that I would like to have worn panties, but that my ex-wife would have flipped out, to say the least! She turned to me and smiled and said, "Maybe you can wear mine." That afternoon she took me shopping for panties and threw out all my old underwear. From that day on I have always worn panties. Of course, she bought me a matching pink bra and panty set for Valentines Day, and she has me wear the bra all the time. Nylons came next, and then help with shaving my legs... But my strongest memory is the first day after we went shopping and I went to meet her and she asked me if I were wearing panties. She made me show her and a shiver of delight shot down my spine as I opened my pants and showed her the lacy lavender nylon panties I was weaaring. My cock got rock hard and she pulled me behind some bushes and sucked my off right there. To this day I wear panties when we make love and I masterbate in them at least once a day. She loves to watch me masterbate and encourages me, as long as I lick her pussy and make her cum

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